Welcome to HART-Network


I registered HART-Network.com back in September 2005 and had great plans for this domain. It’s the third of a series that I have, and all divisions of HBS Management Consultants which is my operating business and name I operate under offline. Here are the sites:


– The HART-Empire Network is the business and name I operate under online. I created the website to keep track of very generalized news and updates about my network of sites that affect my entire network of online sites.


– This is all about the secret life of the HART-Empire Network. I created the website to remind me how I’m doing and perhaps give insights to others who also have a network of sites.


– Here we are today. This is version 2. I used to run a buddypress installation on this domain but after a while it just got out of control and I chose to just delete it off of the server until I felt I was ready.

What are you looking in a network?

This site is currently under development. Your input and comments and suggestions are welcomed, and we hope you subscribe to the HART-Network Newsletter.

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